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Jin Eui Kim, Ruimtelijke illusies, de kleine K, No 100 April 2023, p.5-12

다양성을 찾아서 (Finding Diversity), Unbanlike, no.45, p.162-165


손끝이 빚어내는 파동, Craft + Design (공예 디자인), No.46, P.30- 4


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영국에서 전업도예가로 활동하기, Monthly Ceramic Art (월간도예), Vol.252, P.42-45

Catalogue of Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017, Korea Ceramic Foundation, p.152-155



In the Spotlight, Ceramic Review, May/June 2016    

‘Jin Eui Kim – Manipulating Perception on Three-dimensional Ceramic Artworks’ by Widge Thorpe, Shards, issue 175, p.10

PÁLMA BABOS AND KIM JIN EUI FIRE UP THE CLAY by Muriel de Crayencour, Mu-inthecity, an online visual art magazine

Glaobal Authenticity, by Penny Craswell, Grand Design Australia, issue 5.1, p.64-5

Object stories: Illusory ceramics by Jin Eui Kim by Penny Craswell

Selected for 15 Potters to Watch 2016 by Cfile.


'Seeing and Perceiving', by Nigel Atkins, Ceramics Ireland, issue 35, 2015, p.12-14 

Illusionary ceramics distort your perception of space and form, by Justine Crowe

'Jin Kim’s Smart Illusions Shift Form Through Tonal Bend', by Justine Crowe in CFile

Ten ceramicists you need to know about: Ceramic Art London 2015


'Made by Hand creatives getting set for show in Cardiff', written by Kirstie McCrum, Western Mail, 25 Oct 

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Craft, Embracing the World, Korean Craft Museum

Thesis, ‘The Ways in Which Surface Marks and Tone May Manipulate Perception of Three-Dimensional Ceramic Artworks’, submitted to the                 Cardiff Metropolitan University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy


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